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Protector film that instantly self-heals from scratches with “FlashRevive” technology plus bubble-less feature for easy application. Simplism FlashRevive & Bubble-less Film Set for iPad mini provides a high-gloss, “Crystal Clear” film that protects iPad mini from dust and scratches. The display protector film for iPad mini maintains full control and beauty of your iPad mini. The film uses no gluing agent therefore one can remove the film multiple times to re-apply it with no trouble.

FlashRevive uses the latest technology to instantly self-heal from scratches. The result of the self-healing/repair is semi-permanent therefore it preserves the film to stay in a great shape for a long time. *If the film is damaged beyond its self-healing layer, the damage may not be repaired or revived. Is the film even there? So clear and invisible!

This Crystal Clear film is so clear and “invisible” it almost seems nothing has been applied. It also does not affect the brightness or contrast of the display and maintains a clear view. The Japan-made quality hard coated material uses “PET” material with thickness that is just right to apply the film. This is why the film application to the display is made simple and gives full protection without even noticing the film’s existence. Easy to apply.

Frustrating – those stubborn air bubbles left under the film! Any dust left on the surface is the culprit of the bubble.

Simplism Bubble-less Film has a special silicone coating on the adhesive side of the film to solve the bubble staying problem.

However it is still very hard to remove all dust and bubbles completely. That is why we added 3 supporting items in the set to help provide a better experience and best application result.

1. Remove any dust and smudges on the display thoroughly with the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and the Dust-removing Tape.
2. If you still see bubbles underneath the film, use the Leveler to get rid of the bubbles.

* There is a chance that air bubbles stay under the film when there is some dust left on the surface. Please try to wipe off all the dust before applying.

* Special silicone coating on the film will absorb micro-sized dust to eliminate bubbles. In this case sometimes the dust left behind may be visible (yet there will be no bubbles)
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Simplism Japan
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1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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