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Protect from scratches
Simplism Bubble-less Film Set for iPod touch Anti-glare protects iPod touch from dust, scratches and bacteria. The film enables natural touch when using the display and maintains its clean presence. The film uses no adhesive material to allow multiple applications if needed.

Natural feel with no reflection
The anti-glare film minimizes smudges on the display and maintains a smooth touch. The “PET” material reduces the reflection and glare. The right thickness of the film was designed for easy application.

Easy to apply
Frustrating when bubbles remain under the film during application? The main cause for the bubbles to stay is the residual dust or dirt on the surface. A minute amount of dust will create a bubble and is impossible to get it out once a film has been applied. We’ve seen people that have given up applying a protector film because of this.

Simplism “Bubble-less Series” Film designed with special silicone coating that absorbs micro-sized bubbles eliminating most bubbles for easy application.
As it is hard to completely eliminate all dust and bubbles, Simplism has created 3 items to help apply the film with better experience and results.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Dust-removing Tape
Remove dust and smudges on the display with the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and the Dust-removing tape.
Use the “Leveler” to get rid of the bubbles left underneath the film
*note: Bubbles stay when dust/dirt is not removed from the surface. Try to wipe off all dusts/dirt before applying the film.
*The special silicone coating on the film will eliminate bubble(s) but the dust/dirt (that is between the film and the display) may still be visible.

Dare to scratch it!
The high grade anti-scratch film will not be damaged easily for normal use. Based on scratch- testing the film with abrasive brushes, the film has kept the display safe and scratch-less.
Great protection for your iPod touch display without being worried!
*The protector film guards most scratches but not all situations or damages. Depends on the severity.

Keep it clean with anti-bacterial protection
Protect iPod touch from germs – you carry it, touch it, sometimes have it close to your face, etc. Whatever you do, the special anti-bacterial coating prevents bacteria 99.9% to keep it germ-free for your safety.
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1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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